Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top website for Fashion Forecasters

Apparelnews.com is a website that has been in business since 1945, producing a range of publications that report on the largest apparel center in the country. It is a privately held company that allows its viewers to see an insight on what new and upcoming in the “news” of the fashion industry and what is happening within it. If you think of newspaper and how it updates you on the latest news of politics, celebrities, and or sports, well this website is exactly that but with fashion. If you go to www.apparelnews.com you will find a great online website that gives you hands on information about fashion, textiles, fashion shows, design finances and etc. This website is a huge aid to fashion trend forecasters. It opens up the door to the latest global trends and shows the reader what’s going on in the fashion world. It has a calendar to show the updates of fashion shows and events of trade shows, which are very important to a forecaster all because a forecaster needs to know what’s going on in the “World of Fashion” with new trends, textiles and designer shows. In order to see these updates you must be a subscriber. If I were a fashion trend forecaster, I would definitely subscribe to this website, not only to get a weekly issue but to also see the issue online. It has a great coverage in the fashion world, and reports in great detail of the main topics that are happening. Its so important for a forecaster to be updated in the news of fashion, and this website is the perfect helper to fashion forecasters. 

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