Monday, November 1, 2010

Midterm Blog assignment

A mega trends affect products and carers and or business in more then one way. For instance, Products are a huge percentage of the consumer buying market in the fashion industry. It all starts with a Fashion designer, and when that designer brings his or her's ideas and products to the runway, the world is able to see whats hot and whats going to be an upcoming trend that they themselves can see in there local stores. Once in the stores consumers can see whats upcoming and trendy.
I work at Nordstroms and as a sales worker, I use celebrities or well known designers to sell my products to my customer. I relate the items to a hot trend or to something similar a huge movie star just wore, so my customer can feel confident in that product and know its going to be the right choice if they want to look stylish and trendy.
Working a Nordstoms is like owning my own business. Because I work off commission, I need to know whats going to work for that particular customer, or whats a staple item that everyone needs in their closet. From this, when I have product knowledge, and am able to sell them, I grow my business and make money off of item sold. Therefore, the more I sell the more I make.
I feel like a huge fashion trend that is going to be upcoming in the next 5 to 10 years will be coming from a designer named Alexander McQueen. Just as Gucci and Chanel have their trade mark logos, that you see everywhere from handbags, shoes and sunglasses, that Alexander McQueen will have his huge trade mark that every girl will want to sport. My reason for this is that he has made a fashion earthquake in the fashion world. His ideas, clothing and runway shows are so unbelievable and unimaginable, almost not of this world. And everyone from celebrities, to actors and consumers are wanting and wear his clothing and shoes.

My niche was for the all american Country girl. A great style preference is plaid. Everyone can where plaid, from girls to guys. Underneath is a picture of Taylor Swift and she has a cute county inspired plaid shirt with a brown belt. I love this look.

Jessica Simpson does this look so well! She always has her country inspired boot cut jeans with her plaid. She rocks this look and it works really well for her. Not only does she look great in this look, but she inspires other young girls like m to feel confident in this look, because it is not the biggest trend. And not everyone sports it.
Another look that falls under the country route is equestrian. Just like the polo brand and inspired equestrian clothing. 

My two style concepts are romanticism and High heel street fashion. My first style concept is for the flirtatious, innocent and looking for love girl. It has a lot of red and of course love represents; love, lust and passion. The pearls ad a twist of sophistication, along with the champagne and flowers. The perfect romatic date night has to include champagne with red roses. The girl who would wear this outfit in the style is a young women whose full of life and vibrant and looking to find love. 

My second style concept is inspired by kate Moss. She's always looking so stylish even on the streets in Europe. Girls everywhere love Kate and want to copy her every move, including her fashion style. The women who would wear this outfit, would have to be a wealthily down to earth young woman. She has to be a bit edge due to the leather jacket and pop of a red bad. Its a look that can be so casual but when all put together its fashionable and fun. 

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