Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion Show and Quote

I picked alexander McQueen as my current Fashion show for the fall/winter 2010. 
This colections was gourges! I mean words cant explain! A few trends I saw in this collection were the... 

The first trend that started the fashion show was the ankle pants. These pants are a more proffesional approach to the ankle skinny jeans, and look great in the carrer world. As you can see The first picture is the Alexander McQueen look, and the second is a Victoria Secret pant. 

High ankle boots, are coming in faster and bigger this fall then Ever! The first is the Alexander McQueen bootie and the second is Christian Louboutin boot. 

My third trend is lace. Lace is everywhere these days from dresses, to shirts and shoes! Its really popular and McQueen did it very well in this mini lace dress for his collection. Also you can see the second picture is a dress from Neiman Marcus, also made buy Alexander McQueen. 

Last I did feathers! This is a bit drastic but a more of a risk taker then fur! The first look is from McQueen and the second is from Alice + Olive, sold at Neiman Marcus. 

This link shows his whole collection + the Runway Fashion Show: Experience


" The most courageous act is still to think of yourself. Aloud" 
- Coco Chanel

The reason why I chose Coco Chanel as my designer quote, was because I think she was such a risk taker in the 1920's of fashion for the sophisticated woman. I not only love her but, she she has many Quotes that are still famous today in the fashion world, but the one I have choose(above) is one of my favorites. And its because I like how she's saying you need to express yourself out loud threw your clothing, and be selfish about it. She was the perfect idol to be all about 'women first' in fashion, and will always be a timeless icon in the fashion industry. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Trends at Fashion Island

I went to Fashion Island on October 4th, and observed different stores in the outside mall, and took pictures of window displays that I thought are fall trend setters.

Two Window Displays 
My first window display was Juicy Couture. I chose this window display because, I loved all the looks. The first mannequin on the left has a great fake fur vest with a little belt wrapped around ii, is one of my favorite fall looks.

My second window display is Eli Tahari. Once again Im obsessed with the 70's inspired fake fur jacket on the first mannequin on the left. I like how its pared with a simple skirt and a a rust ruffle top. I love when fashion clashes, but works together at the same time. I think the fur is so different but is a risky move, and it works for this outfit. 

Six Items That Are a Trend 
Anthropology is one a great store, that always has great trends. One of the trends I saw was in their window display, and it was a bottom down dress with a pair of below the knee boots. I love this look, because every girl can wear this. Weather is an expensive dress or not, and same with the boots, this look is great for any girl. 

Another great trend, that I saw at Fashion Island was the military look. The Mannequin farthest to the right has a great militray jacket that is a huge fall trend setter. Military inspired clothing is popping up everywhere, and I think this jacket is great to pair with anything; skirt, leggings or denim. 

Im a huge fan of urban outfitters. I think they are great for young indy adults. I chose this picture because I love every piece in the display. Starting from the rose top on the left. Im a sucker for a cotton rose top that hanging well, and looks great with leggings(that are rolled up.) I also really love the mannequin in the middle and its black and cheetah skirt. I know in fashion week we saw, long skirts coming back, and I love the animal print mixed with an ankle skirt. The mannequin the right although I love the dress, I love the shoes more. I think they are great for fall, and super cute with that dress. 

Another great trend I love is this scarf. I have one in a cream color. It has an elastic band, so you can get that great scarf look. Its super soft, and I love the ruffles. You can add it to a plain top, that gives it a great accent.