Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top website for Fashion Forecasters

Apparelnews.com is a website that has been in business since 1945, producing a range of publications that report on the largest apparel center in the country. It is a privately held company that allows its viewers to see an insight on what new and upcoming in the “news” of the fashion industry and what is happening within it. If you think of newspaper and how it updates you on the latest news of politics, celebrities, and or sports, well this website is exactly that but with fashion. If you go to www.apparelnews.com you will find a great online website that gives you hands on information about fashion, textiles, fashion shows, design finances and etc. This website is a huge aid to fashion trend forecasters. It opens up the door to the latest global trends and shows the reader what’s going on in the fashion world. It has a calendar to show the updates of fashion shows and events of trade shows, which are very important to a forecaster all because a forecaster needs to know what’s going on in the “World of Fashion” with new trends, textiles and designer shows. In order to see these updates you must be a subscriber. If I were a fashion trend forecaster, I would definitely subscribe to this website, not only to get a weekly issue but to also see the issue online. It has a great coverage in the fashion world, and reports in great detail of the main topics that are happening. Its so important for a forecaster to be updated in the news of fashion, and this website is the perfect helper to fashion forecasters. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gift Guide

For Momma

I chose to do my gift guide for my mom. I love my mom and I want her to dress like this:
This is my travel look I would give my mom. Its the perfect look for doing some shopping or grabbing brunch with a friend for the family!

My second gift guide is the casual look! Its a fun look with the stripes and converse. Its a great running errands for the family, while still having that young inspired details, but keeping it mature. 

My third look i'd give my mom is the beach boho, inspired look. The heels are wedges, and age appropriate and its fun and a simple staple look! 

Julia <3

Midterm Blog assignment

A mega trends affect products and carers and or business in more then one way. For instance, Products are a huge percentage of the consumer buying market in the fashion industry. It all starts with a Fashion designer, and when that designer brings his or her's ideas and products to the runway, the world is able to see whats hot and whats going to be an upcoming trend that they themselves can see in there local stores. Once in the stores consumers can see whats upcoming and trendy.
I work at Nordstroms and as a sales worker, I use celebrities or well known designers to sell my products to my customer. I relate the items to a hot trend or to something similar a huge movie star just wore, so my customer can feel confident in that product and know its going to be the right choice if they want to look stylish and trendy.
Working a Nordstoms is like owning my own business. Because I work off commission, I need to know whats going to work for that particular customer, or whats a staple item that everyone needs in their closet. From this, when I have product knowledge, and am able to sell them, I grow my business and make money off of item sold. Therefore, the more I sell the more I make.
I feel like a huge fashion trend that is going to be upcoming in the next 5 to 10 years will be coming from a designer named Alexander McQueen. Just as Gucci and Chanel have their trade mark logos, that you see everywhere from handbags, shoes and sunglasses, that Alexander McQueen will have his huge trade mark that every girl will want to sport. My reason for this is that he has made a fashion earthquake in the fashion world. His ideas, clothing and runway shows are so unbelievable and unimaginable, almost not of this world. And everyone from celebrities, to actors and consumers are wanting and wear his clothing and shoes.

My niche was for the all american Country girl. A great style preference is plaid. Everyone can where plaid, from girls to guys. Underneath is a picture of Taylor Swift and she has a cute county inspired plaid shirt with a brown belt. I love this look.

Jessica Simpson does this look so well! She always has her country inspired boot cut jeans with her plaid. She rocks this look and it works really well for her. Not only does she look great in this look, but she inspires other young girls like m to feel confident in this look, because it is not the biggest trend. And not everyone sports it.
Another look that falls under the country route is equestrian. Just like the polo brand and inspired equestrian clothing. 

My two style concepts are romanticism and High heel street fashion. My first style concept is for the flirtatious, innocent and looking for love girl. It has a lot of red and of course love represents; love, lust and passion. The pearls ad a twist of sophistication, along with the champagne and flowers. The perfect romatic date night has to include champagne with red roses. The girl who would wear this outfit in the style is a young women whose full of life and vibrant and looking to find love. 

My second style concept is inspired by kate Moss. She's always looking so stylish even on the streets in Europe. Girls everywhere love Kate and want to copy her every move, including her fashion style. The women who would wear this outfit, would have to be a wealthily down to earth young woman. She has to be a bit edge due to the leather jacket and pop of a red bad. Its a look that can be so casual but when all put together its fashionable and fun. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion Show and Quote

I picked alexander McQueen as my current Fashion show for the fall/winter 2010. 
This colections was gourges! I mean words cant explain! A few trends I saw in this collection were the... 

The first trend that started the fashion show was the ankle pants. These pants are a more proffesional approach to the ankle skinny jeans, and look great in the carrer world. As you can see The first picture is the Alexander McQueen look, and the second is a Victoria Secret pant. 

High ankle boots, are coming in faster and bigger this fall then Ever! The first is the Alexander McQueen bootie and the second is Christian Louboutin boot. 

My third trend is lace. Lace is everywhere these days from dresses, to shirts and shoes! Its really popular and McQueen did it very well in this mini lace dress for his collection. Also you can see the second picture is a dress from Neiman Marcus, also made buy Alexander McQueen. 

Last I did feathers! This is a bit drastic but a more of a risk taker then fur! The first look is from McQueen and the second is from Alice + Olive, sold at Neiman Marcus. 

This link shows his whole collection + the Runway Fashion Show: Experience


" The most courageous act is still to think of yourself. Aloud" 
- Coco Chanel

The reason why I chose Coco Chanel as my designer quote, was because I think she was such a risk taker in the 1920's of fashion for the sophisticated woman. I not only love her but, she she has many Quotes that are still famous today in the fashion world, but the one I have choose(above) is one of my favorites. And its because I like how she's saying you need to express yourself out loud threw your clothing, and be selfish about it. She was the perfect idol to be all about 'women first' in fashion, and will always be a timeless icon in the fashion industry. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Trends at Fashion Island

I went to Fashion Island on October 4th, and observed different stores in the outside mall, and took pictures of window displays that I thought are fall trend setters.

Two Window Displays 
My first window display was Juicy Couture. I chose this window display because, I loved all the looks. The first mannequin on the left has a great fake fur vest with a little belt wrapped around ii, is one of my favorite fall looks.

My second window display is Eli Tahari. Once again Im obsessed with the 70's inspired fake fur jacket on the first mannequin on the left. I like how its pared with a simple skirt and a a rust ruffle top. I love when fashion clashes, but works together at the same time. I think the fur is so different but is a risky move, and it works for this outfit. 

Six Items That Are a Trend 
Anthropology is one a great store, that always has great trends. One of the trends I saw was in their window display, and it was a bottom down dress with a pair of below the knee boots. I love this look, because every girl can wear this. Weather is an expensive dress or not, and same with the boots, this look is great for any girl. 

Another great trend, that I saw at Fashion Island was the military look. The Mannequin farthest to the right has a great militray jacket that is a huge fall trend setter. Military inspired clothing is popping up everywhere, and I think this jacket is great to pair with anything; skirt, leggings or denim. 

Im a huge fan of urban outfitters. I think they are great for young indy adults. I chose this picture because I love every piece in the display. Starting from the rose top on the left. Im a sucker for a cotton rose top that hanging well, and looks great with leggings(that are rolled up.) I also really love the mannequin in the middle and its black and cheetah skirt. I know in fashion week we saw, long skirts coming back, and I love the animal print mixed with an ankle skirt. The mannequin the right although I love the dress, I love the shoes more. I think they are great for fall, and super cute with that dress. 

Another great trend I love is this scarf. I have one in a cream color. It has an elastic band, so you can get that great scarf look. Its super soft, and I love the ruffles. You can add it to a plain top, that gives it a great accent. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrities Are Catalysts To Consumer Trends

Celebrity Trend Setters

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may not be your typical celebrity on the big screen or television, but she's make a whole new name for the word celebrity. Not only is she a beautiful icon, but a fashion trend setters in the recent news. She rocks all styles, and takes risks. One of my favorite trends she rocks is the blazer jacket. I love how she pairs it with a pair of skinny jeans, a mini skirt or a fitted dress. She's a style trend setter for young women that want to feel confident and comfortable in their own shin with new favorite styles and bold fashion. 

Skinny Jeans; a basic blazer gives that everyday look while being comfortable and looking confident 

Mini Skirt; Matching sweet and flirty skirt with a playful masculine inspired jacket

Dress; powerful look for the professional world for women, brought to the red carpet 


Another Celebrity who's a true fashion addict, Rachel Bilson.  She has managed to define her own fashion style easily. While fashion has the power of making people look and feel great while still maintaining their individuality, Rachel Bilson's fashion style is exactly that. Its filled with personality as it goes into the vintage and bohemian style. Her fashion styles are very unique and are always fun and flirting with the just the basics of fashion. She's a fashion trend setter for teens that love the bohemian look. She's always looking put together and with different pieces, that all have their own look, and she puts she puts them together well enough that it makes a great fashion statement. And its that statement as girls like me want to copy when Im shopping. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Then And Now From The Old To The New

Flare Jeans Then in the 70's 

A new shape denim to replace those over used skinnys that are wearing thin, Taking us back to the 70’s flare is the hottest denim label around. Its complete contrast to the skinny leg shape, these super flares may take some getting used to. I’m personally really excited about this new leg shape and think it is long overdue! The superflare shape is made to create a more sophistcated look and is an extremely flattering chic look. 

Now Trend of flare Jeans 

This season 70's influences have seen as wearing oversized sunglasses, fringe boots and fur jackets. So it's no surprise that ankle swaying flare jeans have come back as the new direction in denim styles. Due to the fact that skinny jeans have had a good 5 years in the limelight, more and more celebrities are reverting back to the classic. 

Muscle Cars Are Coming Back

Old car like the Ford mustang are making a huge come back as a car trend for the new millennium. Staring from the 1970's on to the new 2010 Fords, the old cars are selling to the average consumers as well as celebrities. Everyone wants a classic and Ford has done is extremely well over the decade. 



Now 2010

Another example of the 'Then and Now' trend of the muscle car is the Chevrolet Camaro. 
Over the years the Camaro has changed from the 1969 heavy muscle car to a new and improved 2010 muscle; sporty. This car has made a huge come back and its all thanks to the new sheik style that makes the car sexy and fun, and appeal to everyone. 



Now 2010